Welcome 2019, What will it bring?

I’m hoping 2019 will be a huge move forward in my Adventures in Green Woodworking. I’m spending as much time as I have available to sharpening tools, making tool handles for spoon knife blades that I purchased from Deepwoods Ventures. I’m still working on my bowl mule / spoonmule and gathering splitting tools. I already have a couple on froes and small wood mallets or mauls but I need to make a larger one to get some force behind it. Sledgehammers both large 10lbs I think as well as a 4lbs to get wedges started and for working on smaller logs plus a few splitting wedges of varying sizes both cast and wooden so that I can start splitting some ash logs I have to start working in green wood.

What are you working on in the new year?

I hope you have sharp knives and straight grain in the new yera.


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