So you’re asking yourself how and what is Adventures in Green Woodworking?

So here goes, I’m relatively new to Green Woodworking and hand tool usage so this is my record of how I proceed in this green wood adventure. I’ll show you what I’ve learned, how I’ve learned it, what materials I use and the tools that I use to help me along the adventure.

I’m hoping that what I present here will help you along your travels into green woodworking and help you save time, materials and money along the way.

I’m starting at what I think is the beginning of this adventure and then progressing along a path that I’ve laid out to take me one step at a time to learn this subject from the ground up. Starting with knife work, then moving onto splitting materials, bending and making projects that will be useful and beautiful along the way.

I’m Kurt A. Moore and I live along the Lake Erie shoreline in Western New York USA. I have some history in building wooden furniture, rough and finish carpentry as well as photography. At the start of this current adventure I’m starting with some tools that I have collected over the years and about 17 years ago I took a green woodworking chair making workshop with Drew Langsner (look him up) where I build a Rustic Welsh Stick Chair

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